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    Take a stand. Learn more about the migrant crisis.

  • Pray

    Raise your voice. Pray for migrants and refugees.

  • Share

    Make your voice count. Share your story.

  • Go

    Locally or internationally, take your voice: Bring hope to migrants.

#HowWillTheyHear is a collaborative campaign mobilising Christians to partner with churches to share the gospel with migrants and refugees across the UK, Europe & Middle East.

  • All Things New – Lent 2018

    How does Christ’s journey to the cross & resurrection, help us identify with those living among us as refugees, exiles and pilgrims?

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  • Lament – Week 1 Prayer Guide (Feb 18)

    How does the biblical theme of lament fuel our intercession?

  • Hayk's Story

    Syrian Hayk knows all about being a refugee.

  • Send us bibles not bombs

    When all you ever hear about the Middle East are stories of death, destruction and warfare it can be hard…

  • Muslim Refugees Find Christ in Greece

    As critical needs grow in the global refugee crisis, TEAM missionaries continue to partner with the local church to welcome…