This list is compiled to help Christians equip themselves with knowledge, tips and ideas on how to be a faithful witness for the gospel in their actions and conversations with people from other faiths.

The links are all to external sites. It is by no means exhaustive – the list will be expanded and updated over the course of time. But it is our prayer that it will help individuals engage more confidently and effectively in outreach.

Student? At school?

If you are a student at university, check out the Forum talk archive on the UCCF website here.  Anyone can freely download, listen and learn!

Resources has helpful explanations on what to say – how do we describe the Bible to those from other Abrahamic faiths? It also offers clear biblical answers to objections over specific verses which are sometimes pulled out from the Bible.

The Jesus film (English and Arabic). A series of films about the life and teachings of Jesus, designed to impact cross-culturally and provoke discussions and deep thinking about who he really is.

Online Arabic Bible. It’s fully searchable, with diacritic markings (the ‘vowels’ or ‘vocals’ in Arabic) and using the Smith & Dyke translation – which is the most widely used Arabic translation.

WhatAreTheyThinking? gives a helpful overview of several religions, particularly those based in the Indan subcontinent, alongside how they commonly perceive Jesus and Christian teachings.

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry has a wealth of resources addressing everything from biblical hermeneutics to practical defenses of Christian doctrine in language and concepts that are easy to understand.

Christian Research Institute  offers helpful tips on how to engage with Hinduism from a Christian evangelistic perspective.

GraceforMuslims is a blog-style website with bitesized articles on different aspects of ministry amongst people from Middle Eastern backgrounds

The a few good articles and pages with practical tips on evangelism.

Short courses or events

FriendshipFirst gives a brief six-session introduction to the world’s second-largest religion, and aims to help equip Christians engage with their neighbours in a culturally sensitive and biblically faithful way.

MahabbaNetwork provides weekly prayer points and educational materials, alongside specific training events designed to give Christians confidence and grace in their evangelism.