​God calls some to spend their lives abroad. Some are called to support the front-line workers by their giving. God calls us all to pray. Whatever our role, spreading the good news of Christ is our goal.

For Standing Orders


Thank-you for giving regularly!

We really appreciate your support for the #HowWillTheyHear campaign. Regular gifts – like standing orders – enable us to budget effectively and support our gospel workers in the best way possible.

Knowing that there is a steady income from our supporters and donors means that they can budget appropriate, they are free from the worries or stress of fund-raising and they can focus on their task!

Please download the Standing Order pdf at the top of the page and return it via freepost to our office.

If you’d rather give a one-off donation or gift, please click here.

Relationship to SIM UK;

#HowWillTheyHear comes under the funding umbrella of SIM UK; please ensure that you specify that you would like your gift to go to the #HowWillTheyHear campaign!

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