Millions of people are on the move across the Middle East and Europe; their lives torn apart by the horrors of war and economic deprivation.

Very few of these refugees and migrants know Jesus Christ and the hope he offers. While many of these people are facing great hardship, their single biggest need is to know Jesus.

Join with us in praying through our 14 Days of Prayer for migrants and refugees to come to a living faith in Jesus Christ.

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What else can I do?

14 / 10 / 2018

The 10:14 prayer initiative is the foundation to the #HowWillTheyHear campaign and we want you to be part of this.

We want you to make your voice count by committing to pray for migrants and refugees.

Thousands will be joining us around the world in praying for refugees and migrants! We want to continue to pray and so once a month we would love you to pray for 10 minutes for #HowWillTheyHear.

Use the sign-up form above to register for the 10:14 prayer campaign. To request a physical copy of the prayer guide, please email .


Download the 14 Days of Prayer for 2018