(Greece) Lesvos and Thessaloniki
6th-19th July 2019
2 weeks
6-8 people

Considering future ministry amongst refugees and migrants? Join our summer team, where you can serve practically whilst gaining an understanding of refugees’ situations and learn about sharing gospel hope with migrant peoples

On the island of Lesvos the team will work alongside GEM Refuge who run an outreach centre and serve within the Moria Refugee Camp. There will also be opportunity for informal outreach in the local port.

In Thessaloniki the team will be able to serve in a church-run refugee care centre and assist with outreach ministries which are introducing Middle Eastern refugees to the truths of the bible.

Team: 6-8 adults (minimum 18 years, no upper age limit) from various countries, led by Matt Paschall, #HowWillTheyHear (HWTH) Migrant Ministries Coordinator. Specifically aimed at people who are already interested in sharing the gospel with unreached people or refugees.

Training: 3 pre-field training meetings (via Skype); on-field training & discipleship; debrief in Greece at the end.

Estimated Costs: International airfares to/from Greece + 200 Euros internal flights + 600 Euros food/lodging (14 days/13 nights) + mission agency services fees.

Enquiries: contact Rachel , Lead Mobiliser at mobilisation@howwilltheyhear.net

Deadline: Applications for this team have now closed; however, please do get in contact if you are interested for signing up for summer 2020!


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