Italy (Rome)
6+ months (short-term) or 3+ years (long-term)

Since 2014, Italy has received over 700,000 refugees fleeing from war-torn countries, many from countries where Jesus Christ is not widely known.

Through Refugee Day Centres, local evangelical churches and Christian organisations in Rome are working together to provide practical help and support, including offering language lessons (e.g. English, German and Italian). Through the relationships built there is plenty of opportunity for personal evangelism and discipleship.

If you are able to teach languages and have a heart for reaching refugees, we would love to have a conversation with you. If your vision is long-term, then learning Italian will be essential in order to minister alongside and encourage the Italian church. If coming shorter-term (six months minimum) you will need to learn the basics. Other languages such as Farsi, Arabic and French are also useful.

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