Netherlands (Rotterdam)
1 year +

Between 200-250 regular attendees made up of 40-50 ethnic groups join in weekly worship at the International Christian Fellowship church in Rotterdam. The elders are looking for interns and long-term Christian workers who want to contribute to multi-cultural ministry.

The church contains several larger ethnic groupings;

  • a strong Kurdish fellowship who are opening their new church building
  • a Latino fellowship made up primarily of Peruvians and Columbians
  • an African fellowship led by a part-time Congolese pastor
  • a Romanian fellowship who are currently looking for a new elder

Sunday sermons are preaching in English and simultaneously translated into Dutch, Arabic, Kurdish, Romanian and others as needed.

There is a lot of youth and children’s work; the weekly kids club has over 100 members and both the youth and young adults groups draw from across the city.

Potential interns should ideally be English, Spanish or Arabic speaking, and willing to learn the conversational basics of another language.

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