About 40 million people around the world are affected by modern slavery; about half of them are forced labourers who are worked without pay. Refugees and illegal immigrants in the US and Europe are particularly vulnerable.

Sarah Scott Webb and Karine Woldhuis from SIM USA have proposed a new program called ‘for Freedom’ which aims to combat human trafficking and modern slavery.

38% of the 40 million are women who have been forcibly married – particularly in China where the one-child policy left a lack of women. Women from Thailand and Cambodia are drawn to China, pressured into married and abused.

Another 12% of the 40 million are sexually exploited; for example, there are more than 300,000 women of African or Eastern European origin within German brothels.

The acting director of #HowWillTheyHear partner DMG, Andrew Howes, explained that “Together with our partners we want to find out where the causes of human trafficking and modern slavery lie, how we take precautionary measures to help endangered people groups, and how we can find ways out of dependency for the victims. We want to expose, inform, raise awareness amongst Christians and offer workers the chance to both help people through projects and give hope through faith in Jesus’.

There are lots of opportunities available to serve in this area – with SIM, DMG or another #HowWillTheyHear partner. Fill out this placement form and we will get in contact with you.

Projects with vulnerable people or those affected by modern slavery include;

  • working in Bologna (Italy) alongside refugee women who were pressured into prostitution.
  • helping a project in Italy which focusses on Eastern Europeans who are left to beg in the city centres.
  • supporting young women in Bangladesh who endured prostitution and to give their children school-lessons.
  • engaging with teenage girls in India who have been rescued from brothels, seeking to give them art therapy, an education, basic work and trauma counselling.
  • supporting rural families in Peru so that they do not need to send their children into domestic labour in the cities – many there are abused and ill-abused.