Stories from the field

Aadab, Frau des Talibans

Der Leben Aadabs war von Unsicherheit und Gewalt gezeichnet. Durch ihre Flucht entdeckte sie eine neue Bedeutung und ‚neues Leben‘. Für Aadab, es gab kein normales Leben. Ihr Mann war ein Mitglied des Taliban – ein Feind. Ihr Leben war von einer dunkler, verdrehtet Morali dominiert. Für ihren Mann zählte die Loyalität zur Taliban mehr… Read more »

Der Wertstoffsammler

Internationale Mitarbeiter sprechen oft von scheinbar zufälligen Begegnungen, die gottgegebene Gelegenheiten waren, seine Liebe mitzuteilen. Ein Mitarbeiter unserer Partnerorganisation TEAM erzählte uns von einem dieser Treffen. John ging nach Hause, als er den dünnen, jungen Wertstoffsammler sah, der einen Abfalleimer durchsuchte, um Papier oder Pappe oder Plastik zu finden. Es gehört zu den elendsten Beschäftigungen… Read more »

Sharing hope and reconciliation

War, prejudice  and nationalism are barriers to welcoming refugees, but Christians can bring people together and heal despair with the gospel hope. Countries often hesitate to welcome refugees because of many decades of war and prejudice between people groups. One international worker shares how pastors at an Arab seminary are taking to heart God’s message… Read more »

Omar’s Story

Meet Omar, a Gambian refugee currently residing in Barcelona. His journey to Spain is complete, but his spiritual journey is just beginning. Omar grew up in Gambia. He was the son of his father’s second wife, and when he entered adulthood, he realized there would not be enough land for him to live on the… Read more »

Light in Moria

Der Flüchtlingscamp Moria ist ein dunkler Ort. Es liegt an der Insel Lesvos, Griechenland, in einem ehemaligen Gefängnis, und beherbergt mehr als 6,000 Flüchtlinge aus Syrien, Kongo, Eritrea, Afghanistan, dem Irak und viele anderen Länder. Ungefähr ein Drittel sind Frauen, ein Drittel sind Kinder und ein Drittel Männer. Es gibt so viele Flüchtlinge, dass sie… Read more »


Lines. Being a fan of amusement parks, I’ve been in some long lines. Once, I waited three hours for a 45-second ride…

Hayk’s Story

Syrian Hayk knows all about being a refugee. In the last 20 years, he has been a failed migrant, a successful voluntary migrant, a deportee and a forced migrant. He has travelled from the north of Syria to Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Cuba, Austria Spain, France, and Belgium all in a desperate attempt to reach the… Read more »

Stef’s Story

Stef lives in a large Middle Eastern city which is also home to around 300,000 migrant domestic workers. They come from all over the poorer parts of the world — places like Bangladesh, Ethiopia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Kenya and many, many other African countries. These workers are extremely vulnerable. No one knows what… Read more »

Three circles of hope

A Guest Post by gem partner, Don Waybright. We encountered Ahmed at 4 am in the morning as he was chain-smoking his non-filtered cigarette outside the prefabbed building, a former Greek prison block, where he and his family were sleeping in the freezing night with about 100 other people in the same situation. He said… Read more »

Send us bibles not bombs

When all you ever hear about the Middle East are stories of death, destruction and warfare it can be hard to see where the gospel opportunities lie.  Yet God is work through the violence and causing Muslim people to ask fundamental questions of their faith. One church leader in the area said: “Since the Arab… Read more »