Sometimes our lives take unexpected twists and turns. We end up living in a different country, meeting people we would never have expected and seeing God work in amazing ways.

This was certainly the case for one worker ministering among refugees in Thessaloniki.

Y* decided to follow the Lord Jesus, after learning about Him in Sunday school. When he was a child, the war was very intense in his area and he had to flee to Ethiopia, where he spent one year in a refugee camp. He later returned to Sudan where he was able to go to school, which was held in Arabic. As an adult, he had to flee again, this time because of religious persecution. He ended up in Israel, where he met a Swiss Christian worker. They ended up getting married and his long term dream of studying theology became a reality. Since Summer 2018, he and his family have been serving the Lord among refugees in Greece among Arabic speakers.

It’s been a rocky road, only made bearable through the knowledge of the steadfast love of Jesus Christ and the truth of the gospel which underpins all of life.

Throughout their work, they have been using the Arabic version of Christianity Explored, which has been incredibly useful as a resource to open up the gospels and ask deeper questions about faith and God.

They say; “The church we go to reaches out to refugees and holds a weekly Bible study for people who are interested in the Christian faith. Since the meeting is run by short-term volunteers from Egypt, who usually only have a few weeks, we decided to use Christianity Explored to bring in some structure and start with the basics.

“The students, both new believers and seekers, have really appreciated Christianity Explored as it has given them a good overview of what Christians believe. One student, Mohammed, has come to the conclusion that that Jesus is God, based on what he has learnt from this course and read in the Gospel of Mark. However, he’s hasn’t made a decision yet. Please pray for him.”