Stories from the field

A town on a hill

Christianity Explored have released several useful resources in different languages, designed for churches and individuals to use as introductory courses or for deepening discipleship. Katy lives near Glasgow in Scotland with her husband and son. She has been using the Farsi translation of Christianity Explored this year with asylum seekers and refugees at her church. A few… Read more »

Farsi Bibles for church planters

Farsi Bibles for Frankfurt church planting trainees 25 study Bibles in Farsi were delivered to a ministry in Frankfurt, Germany as part of the Bible distribution project last month. Arriving in time for the first meeting, they have been used by a group of Muslim background believers who are undertaking church planting training. “They wanted… Read more »

Christianity Explored

Sometimes our lives take unexpected twists and turns. We end up living in a different country, meeting people we would never have expected and seeing God work in amazing ways. This was certainly the case for one worker ministering among refugees in Thessaloniki. Y* decided to follow the Lord Jesus, after learning about Him in… Read more »

Love and dignity

An American pastor worked as a volunteer on Lesvos with EuroRelief. He wrote of his experience; I encountered a young Afghan boy in the Moria camp. After complimenting him on his English language the child asked me to wait a minute. He went into his family’s tent and returned with a big plate of homemade… Read more »


Mike and Maria, serving through #HowWillTheyHear in Thessaloniki with a local church, see first-hand how Jesus’ power transforms lives of refugees and asylum-seekers. Last month, five new believers from Iran were baptised into new life with Christ. A few weeks beforehand, four former Muslims also gave their testimonies and shared how Jesus had set them… Read more »

For Freedom

About 40 million people around the world are affected by modern slavery; about half of them are forced labourers who are worked without pay. Refugees and illegal immigrants in the US and Europe are particularly vulnerable. Sarah Scott Webb and Karine Woldhuis from SIM USA have proposed a new program called ‘for Freedom’ which aims… Read more »


An Iranian couple who fled economic hardship and violence in their hometown became Christian. Before, smugglers had taken her hostage. Omar and Jayda * decided that it was time to leave their city in Iran. For two years they had discussed how to get to Europe. The situation in their city got worse every week…. Read more »

Amira’s story

You’re a new mother with a choice before you: If you go to work, your baby will have no one to care for her. If you stay home, you won’t have money to care for her. What do you do? If it seems an impossible choice, don’t worry. Whatever you decide, your in-laws say they… Read more »

From ‘Kaffeeklatsch’ to Christ

It is Sunday afternoon in Chemnitz, eastern Germany, and a busy refugee cafe at a local church has just opened its doors for an afternoon of coffees, conversations and Bible-study. Chemnitz has recently been on the news for anti-refugee and immigration protests, but this church is determined to show Jesus’ love and help the newcomers… Read more »

Serving in Lesbos

Rani and Tyler from the United States both spent time in Lesbos, Greece, helping refugees. Rani had already served in Greece during November 2015; he had read lots of media stories about the refugee crisis and the overwhelmed camps and communities unable to cope, but the reality was still shocking. As a native Arabic-speaker, he… Read more »