Stories from the field

For Freedom

About 40 million people around the world are affected by modern slavery; about half of them are forced labourers who are worked without pay. Refugees and illegal immigrants in the US and Europe are particularly vulnerable. Sarah Scott Webb and Karine Woldhuis from SIM USA have proposed a new program called ‘for Freedom’ which aims… Read more »


An Iranian couple who fled economic hardship and violence in their hometown became Christian. Before, smugglers had taken her hostage. Omar and Jayda * decided that it was time to leave their city in Iran. For two years they had discussed how to get to Europe. The situation in their city got worse every week…. Read more »

Amira’s story

You’re a new mother with a choice before you: If you go to work, your baby will have no one to care for her. If you stay home, you won’t have money to care for her. What do you do? If it seems an impossible choice, don’t worry. Whatever you decide, your in-laws say they… Read more »

From ‘Kaffeeklatsch’ to Christ

It is Sunday afternoon in Chemnitz, eastern Germany, and a busy refugee cafe at a local church has just opened its doors for an afternoon of coffees, conversations and Bible-study. Chemnitz has recently been on the news for anti-refugee and immigration protests, but this church is determined to show Jesus’ love and help the newcomers… Read more »

Serving in Lesbos

Rani and Tyler from the United States both spent time in Lesbos, Greece, helping refugees. Rani had already served in Greece during November 2015; he had read lots of media stories about the refugee crisis and the overwhelmed camps and communities unable to cope, but the reality was still shocking. As a native Arabic-speaker, he… Read more »

Aadab’s Story

Today we hear the story of Aadab, a Taliban widow whose life was marked by violence and uncertainty. Through escape, she found a different meaning to the idea of “new life.” Imagine being married to a Taliban fighter — a man of terrifying rapport and horrible violence, a global enemy. This was the dark reality… Read more »

Looking beyond the rubbish

One gospel worker shares how seemingly chance encounters are an opportunity to show Jesus’ cross-cultural love with refugees. When everything from language to customs is foreign, international workers must use every moment they are given to build relationships with refugees. Walking home, John saw him: a young, thin, recyclables-gatherer searching through a rubbish bin for… Read more »

Sharing hope and reconciliation

War, prejudice  and nationalism are barriers to welcoming refugees, but Christians can bring people together and heal despair with the gospel hope. Countries often hesitate to welcome refugees because of many decades of war and prejudice between people groups. One international worker shares how pastors at an Arab seminary are taking to heart God’s message… Read more »

Omar’s Story

Meet Omar, a Gambian refugee currently residing in Barcelona. His journey to Spain is complete, but his spiritual journey is just beginning. Omar grew up in Gambia. He was the son of his father’s second wife, and when he entered adulthood, he realized there would not be enough land for him to live on the… Read more »

Light in Moria

This week, as we identify with the losses our refugee neighbors have faced, one missionary shares a story of hope breaking through in a seemingly hopeless situation. Moria refugee camp in Lesvos, Greece, is an incredibly dark place. Built in a former prison, it has become home to over 6,000 refugees from Syria, Congo, Eritrea,… Read more »