Opportunities – Short-term

Short-term workers (Greece, Sicily, Germany, Denmark)

Join a short-term mission team serving in a refugee camp, community café, feeding programme, church outreach centre or kids camp. Serve practically, bring fun activities, listen to migrants tell their stories and share some of your story and God’s. Gain an insight into how he is at work in this huge movement of peoples and… Read more »

Medical and community health professionals (Lesvos, Greece)

Tens of thousands of migrants remain stranded in overcrowded camps in Greece after changes in the laws regarding free movement in 2016. More than half of these are women and children. A new Christian medical clinic is opening on the island of Lesvos to care for pregnant women and their newborn infants, extending the education and… Read more »

Musicians, hip hop artists and dancers (Germany)

Pass the flame of God’s love to refugees and other young people on society’s margins through quality music and dance with a message. The team could use your skills for a few weeks working on a specific project, or 6-12 months to really start to invest in their vision. Choreographers, musicians, singers, producers, and project… Read more »

Social worker at refugee centre (Germany, France)

Christian-run community centres are hubs where people can find not only practical help and a sense of belonging but also start to discover more about Jesus Christ. You could become part of a team serving Middle Eastern migrants in north-eastern Germany, or North Africans in southern France. Each centre would love more workers who can… Read more »

Outreach and discipleship workers (Germany)

The number of refugees in Germany continues to increase but many have little or no contact with Germans. Lack of cultural awareness and language on both sides brings fear, mistrust and misunderstanding. The church initiative “CrossCulture” aims to establish contacts between the inhabitants of Zwickau and refugees to help break down prejudices and give practical… Read more »

Teachers and kids’ club workers (Spain)

Spain is home to a growing population of North African immigrants and refugees. OM workers are supporting a ministry amongst Arabic-speakers in the Barcelona area. They would welcome new team members to teach English, Spanish or IT to children, teenagers and women, as well as reach out to kids through sports, a bicycle club and… Read more »

First responders (Lesvos, Greece)

The GEM Refuge Team serves in partnership with EuroRelief, a Greek-run ministry helping new arrivals on the island of Lesvos and those living in the Moria refugee camp. Displaced, tired, and traumatised refugees want to feel safe and cared for. If you have a heart for those escaping to Europe, come and be a part… Read more »

Children’s worker (Greece)

Could you come and help plant and nurture gospel seeds in young refugee lives as you serve them through food, games, crafts and bible stories? Helping Hands workers are amazed at how quickly the children understand that Jesus came to give his life for our salvation and would love to run intentional kids’ programmes more often…. Read more »