Luke 1:46-55

How do we react to good news?

Mary set us an example of rejoicing – giving the glory and honour right back to God.

She did not say ‘I deserve this’, nor did she attribute her role in God’s great plan to her status or her strong faith – she recognised that she had been shown huge grace and mercy by the Lord, and simply thanked him wholeheartedly for it!

 “My soul glorifies the Lord
   and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,
    for he has been mindful
    of the humble state of his servant.

Luke 1:46-48

The media isn’t usually filled with good news nowadays – it’s all about war, refugees, terrorist attacks, dire financial situations and our public services under threat of collapse. But our God is the same as he was 2,000 years ago when he decided to personally and physically intervene through his Son.

There are 23.1 million refugees in the world today, searching for hope and a future.

They need to know the comfort and life-changing hope which comes from knowing Jesus personally – and they also need their practical needs met.

Refugee camps in southern Europe and the Middle East are terribly overcrowded, with hundreds of people sharing a basic toilet and little provision for running water or electricity. Families share single tents or cram into one room in an apartment.

God has sent his people out to preach the Word, and to love our neighbours.

So today, SHARE two things with people around you;

  • Tell others about the ongoing refugee crisis. Hundreds of thousands of families are literally stuck waiting for administrative paperwork to be sorted so that they can be appropriately cared for
    If you use social media, tag @HowWillTheyHear!
  • Share some positivity with your friends and family around you. Give thanks for blessings in your everyday life – your work, your loved ones, your home and the contents of your kitchen. Remind yourself and those near to you that all of these come from God’s goodness and mercy towards us

What else can I do?

  • Stop

    Take a stand.
    Learn more about the crisis.

  • Pray

    Raise your voice.
    Pray for migrants and refugees.

  • Go

    Take your voice.
    Serve locally or abroad.