God’s welcome to the Foreigner

Countries often hesitate to welcome refugees because of many decades of war and prejudice between people groups. One international worker shares how pastors at an Arab seminary are taking to heart God’s message to welcome the foreigner. Most years, I go to Beirut in June, up to the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, where two of… Read more »

Foreigners – Week 4 Prayer Guide (March 11)

Theme for the Week Stranger. Unfamiliar. Alien. Outsider. All familiar words if you’ve ever walked into a room where you knew no one or felt like you just don’t belong. We often try to organize the world into neat and tidy categories: good vs. evil. Near vs. far. Us vs. them. While these categories may… Read more »

Omar’s Story

Meet Omar, a Gambian refugee currently residing in Barcelona. His journey to Spain is complete, but his spiritual journey is just beginning. Omar grew up in Gambia. He was the son of his father’s second wife, and when he entered adulthood, he realized there would not be enough land for him to live on the… Read more »

Journey – Week 3 Prayer Guide (March 4)

Theme for the Week The word “journey” brings to mind a picture of exhaustion: a long trip, unsettled, uprooted. That’s why it is interesting that this word is used over 50 times in the Old Testament to describe the wanderings of Israel, God’s chosen people. Abraham, uprooted from his home to follow God to an… Read more »

Light in Moria

This week, as we identify with the losses our refugee neighbors have faced, one missionary shares a story of hope breaking through in a seemingly hopeless situation. Moria refugee camp in Lesvos, Greece, is an incredibly dark place. Built in a former prison, it has become home to over 6,000 refugees from Syria, Congo, Eritrea,… Read more »

Loss – Week 2 Prayer Guide (Feb 25)

Theme for the Week It’s easy for believers to gloss over feelings of loss, treating our current grief as an enemy to the future hope we find in Christ. But we read of Jesus’ tears at Lazarus’ death, and we are struck by the compassion of Christ. Jesus, who knew He was able to raise… Read more »


Lines. Being a fan of amusement parks, I’ve been in some long lines. Once, I waited three hours for a 45-second ride…

All Things New – Lent 2018

How does Christ’s journey to the cross & resurrection, help us identify with those living among us as refugees, exiles and pilgrims?

Hayk’s Story

Syrian Hayk knows all about being a refugee. In the last 20 years, he has been a failed migrant, a successful voluntary migrant, a deportee and a forced migrant. He has travelled from the north of Syria to Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Cuba, Austria Spain, France, and Belgium all in a desperate attempt to reach the… Read more »