For the last six weeks, we journeyed together through prayer on behalf of refugees.

We’ve read God’s vision for the world. We’ve asked God to offer hope in the darkness of this global crisis. Chances are, some of you are feeling burdened to take action on behalf of refugees.

Ministering to those in need is something we all can do. Here are a few ways to find opportunities to minister to refugees near you.

Ask local churches. More and more congregations are organizing ministry efforts for refugees. Talk with local church leaders to see what their churches — and others they know — are doing.

Go to an international festival. Organizations geared toward refugee outreach will attend with the hope of connecting with people from other countries. You can take it as an opportunity to find out who is actively serving your community and perhaps make some international friends.

Ask your government. Many major cities post local volunteer opportunities online. You can also search for local efforts in the United States at and in Canada at

Find a volunteer matchmaker. Websites like and will let you search for opportunities suited to your skills, age group, location and length of commitment. As more refugees seek asylum, the number of opportunities is likely to keep growing.