Theme for the Week

The word “journey” brings to mind a picture of exhaustion: a long trip, unsettled, uprooted. That’s why it is interesting that this word is used over 50 times in the Old Testament to describe the wanderings of Israel, God’s chosen people. Abraham, uprooted from his home to follow God to an unknown land. The Israelites, journeying from slavery to freedom. In each story, God meets the journeyers in personal ways: as a cloud of fire before them, travelers stopping by Abraham’s tent, in the provision of manna. For uprooted refugees, we long for God to meet them personally on their journey, that they would know His practical provision and the true source and destination of their heart’s journey.


Genesis 12:1-4

Exodus 13:21

Exodus 16:1-17

Prayer for the Week

God over all the earth, thank You for hearing our prayers for our friends who have been displaced, uprooted and scattered throughout the world. Just as You led the Israelites through slavery, war and famine, we ask You to lead the millions of displaced refugees on their search for peace, rest and a new home. Cause Your church to respond with open arms, throwing wide our doors to welcome these men, women and children whom You love. Be near to each individual refugee on their journey, meeting their needs and making Yourself known to them. In the name of Christ, who promises and provides an end to our journeying, we pray, amen.