Theme for the Week

When Jesus came, He upset many expectations. Where the people expected the Messiah to come with swords and shields, Jesus came with compassion and mercy. Where they looked for political upheaval to brashly restore national rule, Jesus brought spiritual upheaval and quiet redemption.

In Jesus’ death and resurrection, Israel didn’t regain the land previously lost, nor was their political power restored. Instead, God did something new. Through Christ’s death and resurrection, we aren’t merely transformed into better versions of ourselves; we are utterly transformed into a new creation (2 Cor 5:17).

This week, in light of Easter’s promise of new life, let’s pray for restoration and new life for our refugee friends and neighbors. That they would not merely be restored physically, but, even more importantly, that they would encounter new life in Christ.


Revelation 21:5

Isaiah 43:19

Prayer for the Week

God of all creation, we thank You that You are redeeming all things. You have known us and loved us in our brokenness and sinfulness, giving Your Son to redeem us even when we hated You. Father, during this Holy Week, we lift up our refugee friends and neighbors, remembering the hardships they face and crying out to You for their comfort and deliverance. But our hearts are especially broken by the fact that so many live without the hope of Your eternal salvation. This week, will You move powerfully to meet them in their distress? We look to You for fulfilling of their earthly needs, even was our greatest desire is to see them walk with You forever in faith and hope. Create opportunities for Your people to share with them the hope and the joy of Your resurrected life. In the name of Jesus, who offered Himself so we may walk with You forever, Amen.